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Accordion fold: Bindery term, two or more parallel folds to a piece of paper. Also called a fanfold.

Active Display Area: The portion of an image that falls inside the viewing area of a computer monitor.

Additive Color Theory: White light contains equal parts of red, blue and green. If three lights were to project through the colored filters of red, blue and green to the same intensities on a white screen, where they overlap all 3 colors would be white. Where only 2 colors overlap the subtractive colors of cyan, magenta or yellow would be formed. (See Subtractive Color Theory.)

Additive Primaries: The colors red blue and green. In color reproduction, equal parts of red, blue, and green light give us the sensation of white light. These colors are used in the form of filters in order to create the complementary colors, cyan, yellow and magenta.

Adobe Type Manager: A software product from Adobe Systems, Inc. It eliminates jagged edges on screen fonts and allows non-postcript laser printers to reproduce postscript fonts accurately and clearly. I also helps to manage large volumes of fonts.

Alteration: A change in copy after production has begun.

Application: Generic term for any software program that carries out a task. (i.e. Word processing, Illustration)

Archive: A copy of data on disks, CD-ROM's, tapes or some other media for long-term storage.

Art: All illustrations used in preparing a job for printing.

Art Board: Alternate term for mechanical art. (Camera ready copy)

ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange. The most popular method used by small computers for converting letters, numbers, punctuation and control codes into digital form. Once defined, ASCII characters can be recognized and understood by other computers and by communication devices. ASCII represents characters, numbers, punctuation marks or signals in seven binary bits.

ASCII sort: A means of alphabetizing that accounts for capital letters and numbers. To arrange something in an ASCII sort, numbers (digits) come first in numerical order, followed by capital letters in alphabetical order, followed by lower case characters in alphabetical order.

Authentication: A method for identifying a user prior to granting permission to access, change, or delete a system or network resource.

Autoflow: In a word processor package, a mode of text placement in which text flows continuously onto successive pages or columns. Additional pages are usually created as needed, depending upon the application.

Author's Corrections: Changes and/or additions in copy after the job has been typeset.

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