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Background ink: A reflective ink used to print the parts of a document that are not meant to be picked up by a scanner or optical character reader.

Back Up: The process of copying a file or program in the event the original is damaged, lost, or unavailable.

Backing Up: Printing the other side of a printed sheet.

Base Alignment: Arrangement that allows columns of text to fall on the same line across the page, regardless of varying sizes of the elements in the columns.

Baseline: The imaginary horizontal line upon which typeset characters appear to rest.

Base Color: A first color used as a background on which other colors are printed.

Base Font: Typeface that graphics software defaults to if no other font is specified.

Binder's Creep: The slight but cumulative extension of the edges of each inserted spread or signature beyond the edges of the one that encloses it in a saddle stitch bind.

Bindery Marks: Marks that appear on signature or press sheet, they indicate how the press sheet should be folded, bound, collated and eventually cropped.

Binding: The fastening of the assembled sheets or signatures along an edge of a publication.

Bit Map: Representation of characters or graphics by individual pixels, or points of light, dark or color, arranged in row (horizontal) and column (vertical) order. Each pixel is represented by either one bit (simple black and white) or up to 32 bits (high definition color).

Bit Mapped font: A set of dot patterns that represent all the letters, characters and digits in a type font at a particular size.

Bit Mapped Graphics: Graphic images which are formed with sets of pixels, or dots, with a specific number of dots per inch. Also called raster graphics and paint-type graphics. Contrast with vector graphics.

Blanket: A fabric coated with natural or synthetic rubber which is clamped around the blanket cylinder and which transfers the ink from the press plate to the paper.

Bleed: A printed image (graphic) that extends beyond the trim edge of the paper. Usually 1/8" or 1/16".

Blueline: (Or Blueprint) A blue-toned photoprint produced from film negatives which is prepared as a proof to check placement of elements of an image or portion of an image on a layout.

Bond: (Paper) A grade of lightweight, opaque paper used for writing, printing and photocopying.

Brightness: In color, the difference in range from white when compared to dark tones and colors. Could also be considered to be contrast.

Bristol: (Paper) A grade of heavy paper used for postcards, business cards and other materials that have to stand up to repeated handling.

Browser: An Internet application that lets users access WWW servers. (example: Internet Explorer, Netscape)

Burn: Common term used for exposure on a vacuum frame. (i.e. Burning a plate.)

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