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Editable Postscript: Postscript commands that have been translated into a text file, which can then be changed without the need to use the application program from which the PostScript file was originally created.

Electrophotographic Printing: The technology used in copy machines and laser printers. An electrically charged drum is hit with small beams of light. Wherever the light hits, the drum loses its electrical charge. When toner is applied, it sticks to the non-charged parts of the drum. Paper is then pressed against the drum, and the toner adheres to the paper. The paper is then heated to "set" the toner.

Elliptical Dot: Also called a chain dot. Used in a halftone to achieve some of the smoothness of a round dot without sacrificing the sharpness of a square dot. In lithography, dots which have an elongated shape. This dot shape improves the gradation of middletones and especially skin tones. Most useful in reproducing color for cosmetic and fashion illustrations.

Emulsion Side: In photography the side of film coated with the silver halide emulsion which faces the lens during exposure. It is the most susceptible to scratches. In photographic sheet film, there is usually a code notch indicating what type of film it is as well as which side the emulsion is on.

Encapsulated PostScript: An image description format. EPS translates graphics and text into descriptions to a printer of how to draw them. The font and pictures themselves need not be loaded into the printer; they've been "encapsulated" into the EPS code.

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