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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions. A list of common questions and answers. A way to lower the frequency of the most asked questions.

File: A document or application that has been given a name.

File Format: The structure or arrangement of data stored in a file.

Fill: An electronic function that alters a selected area, usually within a closed line work image, with a color, gray tone, or pattern.

Film: A negative or positive, photographic or lithographic record made on a light sensitive material.

Film Assembly: Also known as Stripping.

Fixed-Width Font: A font in which all characters have uniform widths.

Flat: In offset lithography, the assembled composed negatives or positives. Used for making further composites or for platemaking.

Flop: Turning a negative over to create a mirror image.

Folding Dummy: A template created to layout pages on a Signature or Flat, includes orientation for binding and folding.

Folio: A page number on a signature.

Footer: A design element that prints at the bottom of a page, often showing the publication's name and page number.

Font: A graphical design applied to all numerals, symbols and characters in the alphabet.

Frame: A border, outlining and enhancing photos, type, or tint blocks, that has a specified thickness style and color.

Frequency: The lines per inch (lpi) in a halftone screen.

FTP: File Transfer Protocol. A method of transferring files between two networks. ADP eliminates this cumbersome method.

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