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Hairline: A .25 point rule. The thinnest line.

Halftone: The screening of a continuous tone photograph so that it may be reproduced. The dots merge to create the illusion of continuous tone.

Hard Dot: A dot that is sharp and has no distortion when reproduced.

High Key: An image that mainly consists of highlights and midtones.

Highlight: The lightest or whitest part in a photograph represented in a halftone.

Horizontal Scale: The alteration of the horizontal dimension of characters without changing their height.

HSB: Hue, Saturation, Brightness. A color model where all colors can be defined by expressing their levels of hue, saturation and brightness in percentages.

HSL Image: A red, green, blue (RGB) image displayed on a monitor in three channels, (hue, saturation, and brightness).

HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol.

Hue: In color, the ability to perceive the main attributes of color by using the human eye.

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