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Laid Finish: Grade of paper with parallel lines to resemble handmade paper.

Landscape: Page or monitor orientation in which the page width exceeds the page length. Opposite of portrait.

Layout: Drawing or sketch of a proposed printing piece.

Leaders: Dashes or dots arranged in a row to guide the eye across the page.

Leading: Pronounced "ledding". The distance from baseline to baseline between lines of printed text.

Letterspacing: Small amounts of space between letters that can be added or removed to fill out space or change their appearance.

Ligature: Certain letter combinations that appear frequently together in fonts are combined as one character.

Linen Finish: Grade of paper with a cross-weave pattern resembling woven fabric.

Line Screen: The resolution of a halftone, expressed in lines per inch.

Line Work: Artwork that does not require screening for reproduction in print. (i.e. text)

LPI: Lines per inch. A measure of resolution for halftones.

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