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Magenta: One of the subtractive primaries which is used in 4 color process printing. It is different from "red" which is an additive primary color.

Matte Finish: A printing paper that is coated with a dull finish with no gloss or luster.

Maximum Density: The measurement of the blackest or darkest part of an image.

Mechanical: An assembly of type and/or artwork on paper or artboard.

Middle Tones: The tonal range between highlights and shadows of a photograph or reproduction.

Mil.: One one-thousandth (1/1000) of an inch. Used to describe paper thickness.

Minimum Density: The measurement of the whitest, or lightest area of an image.

Misregistration: The result of incorrect alignment on a press.

Mockup: A proof used to check for correct page location and number on a signature.

Moiré: A pattern in created when screens are overlapped more or less than 30 degrees.

Mylar: In image assembly; a polyester based film specifically suited for stripping film upon because of it's stability.

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