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Object-Oriented Graphic: A graphic created with geometric elements that are saved in a draw-type or EPS file format.

OCR: Optical Character Recognition or Reader. Software used with a scanner that can capture, recognize and translate printed text into machine readable text.

Opaque: In lithography, to block out areas on a negative that are not wanted on the printing plate. An ink is applied to the negative via a pen or fine brush and it dries by oxidation.

Orientation: The relative direction of a display or printed page. (Landscape orientation or Portrait orientation)

Orphan: One or more ending lines of a paragraph that is separated from the rest of the paragraph on a previous page or column.

Outline Mask: A electronic filtering function that traces a silhouette around an object and extracts it.

Output Resolution: Stated in lines per inch or lines per millimeter, output resolution reflects the number of pixels per unit size the plotter can put onto film.

Overprinting: Printing over an area that has already been printed. Can enhance or intensify a particular color. The opposite of a knockout.

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