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Packing: In lithography, the paper used under a blanket or plate to increase the squeeze pressure on a press.

Page Make Up: The assembly of all elements to make up a page. Either mechanically or electronically.

Pagination: The assignment of page numbers, either manually or electronically.

Pair-kerning: Automatically kerning selected pairs of characters when they would otherwise be spaced too close or far apart.

Palette: The collection of colors, shades, or patterns that can be selected and displayed on a video screen with the aid of a computer and a graphics program.

PANTONE Colors: A color system of over 1200 colors developed by Pantone, Inc.

Photoshop: A software program developed by Adobe Systems, Inc. for the manipulation of photographs and images.

Pica: Unit of measure used in typography and graphic design. Approximately 1/6 inch.

PICT: A file format developed by Apple Computer, Inc. A format adequate for storing and displaying data up to 72dpi but not sophisticated enough for higher-quality work.

Pin Register: The use of accurately positioned holes and special pins used on copy film, plates and printing presses to insure proper registration.

Pixel: An acronym for Picture Element. when an image is defined by many tiny dots.

Pixelate: When a raster image is manipulated by enlarging or reducing out of proportion. The computer interprets the image as close as it can. One effect is blurring of a photograph. Can be used as a creative effect.

Plate: A sheet of aluminum or polyester that carries an image to be printed.

Plot: To use vector graphics, which is to draw images with straight lines rather than dots. To create an image as a mathematical function as opposed to approximating pixels.

PMS: Pantone Matching System. A palette of spot colors based on the Pantone System that are assigned numbers.

Point: Unit of measure in typography, approximately 1/72 inch. There are 12 points in a pica.

Portrait: A page those width is shorter then is height. Opposite of landscape.

Positive: A film or print in which the light and dark values are the same as the original. The opposite of a negative.

Postscript: A page definition language (PDL) developed by Adobe Systems. A file saved as Postscript is a file that contains all of the information about that file including typefaces, images, measurement and graphic shapes. It contains all of the information necessary for output.

PPD File: Postscript Printer Description file. A file that contains information on screen angle, resolution, page size and device-specific information for a file to be printed. It is used when a file is output to postscript.

Prepress: The preparation work required to camera-ready art or a digital file into printing plates.

Press Proofs: A proof that is done on the press using the inks and paper the job is to be produced on. A final proof before the job is produced.

Press Sheet: A printed sheet before and bindery has occurred.

Primary Colors: Additive primaries are red, blue and green. The subtractive primaries are cyan, magenta, yellow.

Print Quality: In paper, the properties of the paper that affect its appearance and the quality of the reproduction.

Process Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. (CMYK) The primary subtractive colors used to re-create full color images in lithography.

Progressive Proofs: (Progs) Proofs made from separate plates in process work. Usually during a press proof.

Proportional Leading: A method of leading in which two-thirds of the leading space is above the text baseline and one-third is below the baseline.

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