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Rasterize: The converting of digital page information into the proper format for output. The process done by a RIP.

Raster Display: The most common type of display terminal. Uses pixels in a columns and rows to display images.

Raster Font: A font created as a bitmap image.

RC Paper: A photographic paper used in photo typesetters and imagesetters for output.

Red: One of the additive primary colors.

Register: In printing, the proper alignment of an image on a sheet or the proper alignment of multiple images to each other.

Registration Marks: Cross-hairs of some type that used for the registration of film or plates.

Re-Screening: In printing, the act of reproducing an image that has already been screened, such as an image that has already been published.

Resolution: The output capability of an output device usually expressed in dots-per-inch (dpi). Or the quality of a half-tone usually expressed in line-screen (lpi).

RGB: Red, Green, Blue. The primary additive colors that make up the spectrum on devices such monitors and televisions.

RIP: Raster Image Processor. The hardware and software that convert data into a form for high resolution output.

Rosette Pattern: A dot pattern created when two or more screens are printed over each other with angles that differ by 30 degrees.

RRED: Right Reading Emulsion Down. In printing it refers to film that when the image is correct the emulsion side of the film would be down. This is the proper way for plating. As opposed to RREU (Right Reading Emulsion Up)

RTF: Rich Text Format. A file format used by word processors.

Rule: A vertical or horizontal straight line.

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