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Sans Serif: Describes typefaces that have the same weight and thickness throughout.

Saturation: The density of a color.

Scaling: Determining the proper size of an image to be reproduced.

Screen Angles: In lithography, when screens overlap it is necessary to angle them at 45 degree angles in order to produce a rosette pattern. The standard screen angles are 45 degrees, 75 degrees, 90 degrees and 105 degrees.

Screen Ruling: The number of rows or dots per inch in both directions. The most common line screens for process color are 133lpi or 150lpi.

Serif: Short cross-lines appearing at the ends of the main strokes of characters in a typeface.

Shadow: The darkest point on a halftone image. It has the greatest density of ink.

Sharpen: The electronic way to alter the edge contrast of an images elements.

Signature: The name given to a printed sheet before it is folded. In stripping it is the name given to flats.

Soft Dot: When a dot is not reproduced sharply. The edges are rough. If the dot has perfect shape it is called a "hard dot".

Soft Proof: A proof that is viewed on a computer monitor as opposed to a proof on a paper or other substrate.

Spectrum: The complete range of colors.

Spot Color: A specific single color that is printed, as opposed to the same color that is reproduce via CMYK process printing.

Spread: In lithography, the use of exposure to manipulate an original mask by enlarging it slightly so it will trap properly to another color.

Stock: Paper

Stripping: In offset lithography, the positioning of film on a flat.

SWOP: Specifications for Web Offset Publications.

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