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Tack: In printing inks it is the thickness or viscosity.

Template: A model or layout for a publication.

TIFF: Tag Image File Format. A standard for bitmapped images. A raster format.

Tiling: Reproducing large documents for files by breaking them up into pieces and assembling them separately.

Tints: Values of screened solid colors.

Toner: A dry ink or graphite powder used in printer, fax machines, and copiers.

Tracking: The adjustment of letterspacing.

Trapping: Printing an ink over another ink.

Trichromatic: Another name for RGB.

Trim Marks: Guides that show where a printed piece will be cut when finished.

Tritone: An image produced using three colors.

TRUMATCH: A color matching system based on CMYK.

TruType: A font format created by Microsoft and Apple computer as a cheaper alternative to Adobe fonts for desktop publishing.

Type Style: Font Type. Including attributes like bold and italic.

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